New Members stay tuned to what the formal dress requiements will be for the concert.  The previous dress and red shirt are both discontinued.


Each Member is responsible for ordering her/his appropriate concert/performance wear. 


 If you are a new Member, here is the information you need:

Required Formal Wear:

  • TBD

Ladies Concert Red Top and Floor Length Black Shirt: 

  •  Red tops worn by the Chorale are currently discontinued so the Chorale has purchased the red fabric and pattern to make a custom shirt for a new member.  See the Chorale Executive Director for the price of the custom red shirt if fabric is still available.  The red top may not be used for the unforeseeable future.  
  • Black full-length skirt can be purchased for $34 at (  The skirt of choice is the Onyx full length skirt, however, you may purchase a similar skirt from where ever you choose.  Another option from Southeastern Performance Apparel is the crepe pull on skirt in black for $34 (


  • Go to
  • Formal wear for the men is a tux shirt, pants, black vest and a black satin bow tie. If you already have these garments in your wardrobe, it is not necessary to purchase the formal wear. BUT…
  • Go to the website to confirm that your personal formal wear is a close match to approved apparel. If you only need some of the pieces, use the website to make the order. However, you may purchase your needed items elsewhere if it matches the Stage Accents’ line.
  • The approved men’s formal apparel is the Tuxedo Vest Ensemble (ENSV). Using the site’s search feature, type in ENSV.  This will take you the Ensemble’s page.  Links to size charts are available on the page.
  • We recommend you place your order by the 3rd week of rehearsal.


Required Informal Wear:

For most of our community events, we wear white tops and black pants and shoes. 

  • Winter Events : long-sleeved tops/black pants.
  • Summer Event: short sleeves – not sleeveless-tops/black pants.