About Us

In December 2008, 12 singers performed PCCC’s first concert.

Today, we average 30 singers per season!  

     We are an inclusive group of men and women—a mix of ages, races, religions, and differing abilities to read music. 

     Our members have included accountants, college students, engineers, homemakers, retired military, nurses, and professional musicians, but the fascination we all share is our enjoyment of singing multi-part choral music.

     During the past six years, PCCC’s maturation into the premier secular adult ensemble in the Plant City area is evident by our growing audiences and increasing supporters!

Our mission is to provide educational, cultural, social, and musical experiences which enrich our members, audiences and communities. Members have the opportunity to learn or enhance their craft of performance, art of singing, and understanding of choral principles. 

     PCCC has been invited to perform at an assortment of venues including The Camellia Rose Tea Room, Church on the Rock, Eastside Baptist Church, the Friends of the Spring’s Domestic Violence Vigil, the Plant City community’s Good Friday service, Relay for Life, Walt Disney World, as well as several Plant City residential communities such as The Paddocks, and Lazy Days RV Campground in Seffner.    

    As of January 1, 2011, PCCC became a 501(c)(3) organization. This non-profit status allows us to receive tax-free donations and sponsorships. 

     Because we are a community organization, we pride ourselves in repaying our growing and loyal audiences and supporting businesses by participating in area events such as those sponsored by the Plant City Chamber of Commerce, United Food Bank of Plant City, performances at the lighting ceremony of the community’s Christmas Lights in McCall Park and singing at senior living facilities. 

     PCCC is governed by Member-approved bylaws. The on-going business of the Chorale is handled by a Member-elected Executive Board. The voting members of this Board are the Executive Director, Secretary, and Treasurer.

     The Artistic Director and the Events Manager advise and report to the Board, but are not voting members.