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  • Christmas 2018
  • Christmas 2017
  • Pariotic 2016
  • PCC Chorale Spring 2015

   The Plant City Community Chorale is an exceptional community singing group rehearsing in Valrico and performing in Plant City and other areas around Tampa Bay.

   The PCC Chorale provides its Members with opportunities to sing a variety of music from many composers, countries, and eras.

   Our Artistic Director develops and encourages dynamic musical expression, appropriate choral fundamentals, and affords opportunities for solo and small ensembles in addition to crafting consistent “one voice” choir performances.

   PCC Chorale strives—with each concert—to be a model of excellence in choral performance.

   While we are always looking for new voices to join our singing community, beginning in August 2019, the Chorale will begin auditioning new Members.

   To join, a new singer must demonstrate the ability to match pitches and rhythms, sing in tune, and be willing to sing in the section the Artistic Director has determined best suits your voice and the Chorale’s need.

   You may prepare your own a cappella piece, but your rendition of GOD BLESS AMERICA will be all that is expected.

   We generally perform four concerts during our concert season: Fall, Christmas, Spring, and an Americana/Patriotic Concert celebrating our nation and its Service members and veterans.

   We are always looking for new voices to join our singing community.

    In January 2019, a Women’s Ensemble was created to allow the PCC Chorale the flexibility to accept community performance requests. This group has a separate Director, is auditioned and has a membership of 12.

   Please contact us with any questions you may have about singing with our Chorale.


The Plant City Community Chorale